Exercise isn’t just about getting jacked, becoming stronger, or looking hot. Did you know that exercise can actually make you happier?

If you’re a person who hates working out, that may have sounded a little crazy. But it’s true nonetheless. Exercise has amazing stress-relieving benefits and can make you an all-around happier person.

How is that possible? How can pushing your way through that pilates class actually make you happier?

Let’s answer that question right now. Here is your explanation of how an active lifestyle can aid in giving you a happy life.

Physical Activity Boosts Stress-Relieving Chemicals

Chemicals that your body naturally produces play a role in overall happiness and stress relief. And many of those chemicals are created in larger amounts during exercise.

Endorphins are created in larger amounts with physical activity, as are dopamine, adrenaline, endocannabinoid, and a chemical called myokine. This particular chemical can cure anxiety disorders, and your body naturally creates it when your muscles contract.

Do you struggle with stress and anxiety but want to treat it naturally without pills? Try doing a workout.

An Active Lifestyle Can Mean An Active Social Life

Pull the introvert card all you want. The truth is excessive isolation is a gateway to trouble. In fact, prolonged social isolation has been linked to premature mortality.

Thank goodness for exercise then. Joining a group fitness class is a great way to develop a stronger social life. It allows you to get to know other people with the same fitness goals that you have, and you serve as each other’s sources of inspiration.

Loneliness has never been good for mental health. Joining a group fitness class is a path to keeping you physically and socially strong.

Exercise Is A Confidence Booster

Looks may not be everything, but there’s something special about taking those before and after pics after months of strenuous working out. You notice the difference without question.

But this goes beyond looks. When you started out only lifting five pounds and making your way up to twenty, you’re proud of yourself for getting stronger. When you could only run for five minutes and you can now go for half an hour, that should make you feel happy.

Working out makes you look and feel better, and it increases your strength and endurance. You feel like a better you because of a commitment to working out and becoming healthier. This is a major boost to your self-esteem, which is crucial to your happiness.

Exercise Your Way To A Happy Life Today

So you see, an active lifestyle really can be a gateway to a happier and healthier life. So for the sake of your happiness, you should get started right now.

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