Do you want to start working out and see results fast? Do you want to get your body looking the best it’s ever looked?

Whether you create your workout routine on your own or you use a personal trainer, there are ways that you can see results quickly. To get to your workout goals quickly, try adding a full-body workout into your routine. 

If you want to find an effective full-body workout, check out this list to help you reach your fitness goals!

1. Plank

The plank is a great workout that exercises multiple parts of your body. This workout focuses on your abs, shoulders, biceps, and back. This exercise needs no equipment, so it is easy to do it at home or a full-body gym workout. 

To do this exercise, hold your weight on your forearms and toes and keep your back straight. Time yourself or have a friend or personal trainer time you to do timed sets. 

2. Squats

Squats are an easy full-body workout to bring into your fitness journey. They focus on your lower body as well as your core, and they are easy to do anywhere. 

To do squats, stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and move your body in a sitting motion, bending your legs downward. Stand up straight and repeat. 

3. Burpees

Fitness experts will agree that burpees are a great full-body workout. They also don’t require anything except your own body to do them. 

To do burpees, stand straight then launch into a squatting position with your hands touching the floor. Kick back into a plank, then jump back into a squat with your hands still on the floor. Stand, jump into the air, and repeat. 

4. Lunges

Lunges workout your lower body and core. You can add in an upper-body workout by adding weights as well. Lunges are super easy to do and can be done anywhere!

To do lunges, stand and bend one knee at a time, lunging forward. These can be done stationary or you can do them while moving. 

5. Pushups 

Pushups are a great way to work on your health and fitness. This is truly a full-body workout, as it exercises your arms, core, back, shoulders, and legs. Similar to the other exercises listed, this exercise can be done anywhere. 

To do a pushup, start in a plank, putting your weight on your toes and your hands, shoulder-width apart. Keep your back straight and your abs engaged as you bend your arms, lowering yourself towards the floor. Finally, push up with your arms, returning to the position you started in. 

Find a Great Full-Body Workout 

If you are ready to find the best full-body workout ideas, follow the exercises from this list! These workout ideas will give you quick results and help you to achieve your health and fitness goals. 

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