Getting in your daily workout doesn’t have to be a solitary activity.

In fact, it’s better for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being if you trade the lonely elliptical routine for a group exercise class.

Group workouts are becoming increasingly popular due to their long list of full-body benefits. From pushing you to new physical limits to making new friends, there are plenty of reasons to try group exercise in Houston.

Types of Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes are led by an instructor or trainer. They are conducted in a group setting, whereas personal training is one-on-one.

Most fitness centers offer various types of group exercise classes. There are lessons designed for beginners, advanced athletes, and seniors.

Examples of the different types of group exercise classes include:

  • Silver sneakers (aerobics for seniors)
  • Cycling
  • High-intensity interval training (athletic training)
  • Yoga and pilates (core strength and balance)
  • Zumba (dance fitness)
  • Kickboxing (mixed martial arts training)
  • Water aerobics
  • Bootcamps (full-body workouts)

Group fitness often takes place in a separate room at a gym. The instructor leads the class through the exercises. Participants follow along to the best of their abilities.

The instructor may come around the room to inspect your form and prompt you through the task. Many instructors demonstrate lower options for beginners or people with injuries, so everyone feels comfortable doing the workout.

The Benefits of Group Exercise

When it comes to reaching fitness goals, the more, the merrier. Gym-goers are opting for group exercise classes because of the numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits they provide.

1. Stay Motivated

Group activity keeps you on track to reach your fitness goals. Most classes are listed on schedules, and some gyms require signups. Marking your calendar and holding yourself accountable to attend the classes helps you stick to a healthy workout routine.

Group exercise instructors are also encouraging. Not only do they demonstrate the workout and help you master the moves, but the trainers keep you focused.

Working out alone, you might not challenge your body as much as you should. An instructor will help you realize your strength and stay motivated to push through the pain and accomplish more during your workout.

Not only do the instructors motivate you, but so will your fellow classmates. Researchers found that 95% of people who joined a group weight loss program followed through and reached the end. However, only 76% of those who went about the program alone found their way to the finish line. 

2. Improve Form and Prevent Injuries

Having an instructor available to guide you through your workouts improves your physical form. When exercising, it’s easy to cut corners and fall out of your proper stance. But part of your instructor’s job is to make sure everyone is exhibiting correct form and staying safe.

Maintaining proper form is crucial for two reasons.

First, a solid foundation is the key to a vigorous workout. Maintaining optimal footing and slightly bending your knees gives your body stability to push through a hefty drill. The better your form, the more your body will get out of the workout.

Second, proper stance reduces your risk of injuries. Most gym-related tears and sprains occur due to incorrect stances. Having an instructor available to make sure your maintaining your form throughout your workout protects your body.

When teaching a new move, the trainer will demonstrate it first. If you’re confused, the coach will assist you in making fixes.

As the class continues, the instructor will keep reminding you to maintain your footing and sustain optimal form. They may also come around and give pointers on how to perform moves better for an improved workout.


3. Boost Mental Health

Group activity helps you reach your physical goals, but it also boosts mental health. 

In general, aerobic exercises decrease stress and symptoms of depression. But when done in a group setting, people report even better results.

Researchers have found that those who participate in group exercises report more emotional and mental health benefits than people who exercised alone.

Group fitness classes incorporate upbeat music, choreography, and a community atmosphere that leads to elevated moods, a decrease in stress, and a sense of accomplishment. Instructors constantly build you up throughout the class, helping you stay focused on the workout. When it’s finished, participants feel fulfilled. 

4. Try Different Workouts

An exercise class leads to growth.

Going to the gym and using the treadmill day after day gets boring. Group exercise classes frequently change and expose you to new workouts. They push your body in ways that you might not be able to on your own.

The group class also is a great place to learn techniques that can be applied to the weight room. If you’re new to working out, try a group strength training class to learn how to safely exercise your biceps and shoulders. You can use the knowledge from the class to feel more confident when hitting the free weights in the gym.

5. Make New Friends

It’s no secret that meeting people and forming new friendships gets difficult as we age. But attending group workouts can help you learn more about other members of your community and form new friendships.

During the class, you are surrounded by people with the same fitness goals. Everyone in the group wants to improve their physical health. You struggle together, but you also reach your goals together.

Once you form those friendships, you will be even more inclined to continue with your workouts. You won’t want to leave your new friend in the class alone, so you’ll be motivated to get your butt out of bed and hit that early morning Zumba session.

Begin Your Fitness Journey

Group exercise not only helps you reach your physical fitness goals, but it provides plenty of mental health benefits, too.

Don’t believe us? Try a group exercise class in downtown Houston and let us know what you think.

Contact our facility to learn what classes we offer and how our group training sessions can transform your workouts.