According to the CDC, only 23 percent of Americans get the recommended amount of exercise. Between work, raising a family, and other commitments, finding time to exercise each day is a difficult task for most people. 

If you find yourself having a hard time staying committed to your exercise routine but you don’t want to go to the gym, you should consider getting a virtual personal trainer.

This type of personal training allows you to work out in the comfort of your own home, so you can’t make excuses. Do you want to learn more about the benefits of working with a virtual personal fitness trainer? If so, keep reading. 

1. Decide When and Where to Exercise 

Do you want the flexibility to work out when and where you want? If so, having a virtual personal trainer is the best option for you.

With a virtual personal trainer, you can work out in the basement while your kids are sleeping, or you can work out on the beach while traveling. Regardless of your situation, there is never a reason why you can’t complete your workout. 

Be sure to tell your personal trainer where you are working out and the equipment available to you. This will help them choose the best workout routine for the day. 

2. Ask Questions When You Need To

Do you ever have questions for your trainer? Do you have questions about your fitness levels and health? Having a virtual personal trainer allows you to get answers to your questions whenever you need them. 

Instead of trying to remember your questions until you go to the gym, you can text your personal trainer on the spot. This will give you the answer to your questions right away. You also can send your trainer pictures or videos of your form to get their feedback. 

3. Have Someone Hold You Accountable

If you have a difficult time sticking to your exercise routine, using a personal trainer app can help. Many virtual personal trainers will help you set and reach your goals. They may offer daily reminders and check-ins to ensure you are making progress. 

When starting a new exercise routine, it is difficult to make exercising a habit if you depend on your own willpower. Having someone else hold you accountable can ensure you succeed.

4. Increase Your Confidence

If you are new to working out, going to the gym can be intimidating. Between countless machines and bodybuilders, you may feel overwhelmed and self-conscious.

Hiring a virtual personal trainer allows you to learn new exercises without feeling self-conscious. They make sure you have the correct form, teach you the exercises, and give you feedback. After working out with a trainer, you will feel confident entering the gym. 

Are You Ready to Find a Virtual Personal Trainer?

Signing up for a virtual personal trainer is a great way to get in shape, increase your fitness levels, boost your confidence, and stay motivated. If you are ready to take your fitness goals seriously, it is time to get a trainer. 

Are you ready to find your own virtual personal trainer? If so, check out our services page to learn more about our memberships and Fitness On Demand.