Sports takes a lot out of the body. When an athlete pushes themselves to physical exhaustion, there’s bound to be consequences. According to studies, nearly 3.5 million injuries occur per year.

One of the best ways for athletes to preserve their body is through physical therapy. 

With that said, if you’re an athlete looking for physical therapy Houston rehab facility, this guide has the answers. Below are the benefits of physical therapy for athletes:

Injury Prevention

Beginning physical therapy before a sports injury occurs is an effective way of minimizing your risk of an injury. Our downtown physical therapy office can give your body the strength it needs to protect against sports-related trauma.

Undergoing an injury risk assessment, as well as stretches and other activities, will help you while you’re on the field. Not only that, but performing exercises and stretches that are geared towards your particular sports activity further reduces the possibility of an injury.

Better Performance

Depending on the sport that you’re involved in, it likely requires lots of strenuous movement. This type of physical activity, especially contact sports, is stressful on the body.

However, physical therapy teaches athletes how to properly move and shows which movements are detrimental to the body.

Although you might perform well at your particular sport, you may not be as educated as you should be. Not understanding certain aspects of movement could lead to damage down the line. As you may know, wear and tear also leads to injuries. 

Our physical therapy Houston staff members are here to make sure that you sustain your strength and improve performance as much as possible.

Recovery from Injuries

When you play a sport, it’s nearly impossible to avoid injuries. Therefore, sometimes you need physical therapy to recover from it. The healing process is vital for an athlete because it helps them to regain their form and avoid lingering side effects from the injury.

An effective recovery process is necessary in order to get you back to full strength. Physical therapy is great for rejuvenating aching muscles and increasing blood flow to trigger the healing process. 

Not to mention, if you’re suffering from a sports-related injury, your mobility and range of motion aren’t up to par. That means, you’re not equipped to play at the level that you were playing before, and your performance is down. Thankfully, our downtown Houston physical therapy office has everything you need to get you back in the game.

Avoid Surgery

Another huge consequence of a sports injury is surgery. For an athlete, surgery means more time away from the game due to an invasive procedure and lengthy recovery time.

By receiving regular physical therapy, it drastically reduces the need for surgery. Of course, not all injuries are treated through physical therapy. But it definitely builds up the body so that it’s tough enough to recover after an injury occurs. Thus, minimizing your chances of requiring surgery.

Pain Relief

The truth is, playing sports hurts. Many athletes experience constant aches and pains from continual contact, especially in sports like football. Pain relief for players is essential to helping them feel better and play the game with strength.

Physical therapy involves techniques like hot and cold packs, dry needling, and wrapping damaged ligaments to help players recover. It also relieves muscle tension by utilizing various methods. The advantage of physical therapy is that it minimizes athletes’ use of pain medications and their dependency on opioids

Flexible Muscles and Joints

Another perk that our physical therapy Houston services provide is better flexibility. Joint flexion is a vital aspect of playing sports. The majority of sports require flexibility, especially swimming and gymnasts.

Not only that, but a flexible body helps to prevent injuries. Our physical therapy Houston therapists can assist you in doing effective stretches to boost your overall performance.


If you are an athlete, chances are you feel beat down. Physical therapy is an advantage to sports players because it helps them to relax and unwind after a hard workout. A good therapy session can help an athlete regain energy, loosen their muscles, and feel better overall. The best thing you can do for your body is to give it the recovery it needs after taking on strenuous physical activity.

Increased Cardio Stamina

Many physical therapy sessions include exercises that boost cardio endurance. Individuals who play sports need stamina when they’re in the game in order to push through and win. Physical therapy improves performance by helping athletes with their breathing patterns and increasing their endurance.

If you’re breathing isn’t up to par, chances are you won’t be able to last in a game as long as you should.


Obviously, playing sports of any kind requires strength, whether you’re running, boxing, or shooting a basketball. A physical therapist can assist you with building the strength in your joints, muscles, and ligaments.

As a result, it’ll increase your performance and make you a better athlete overall. Plus, with improved physical strength, you’ll be able to withstand impact and bounce back from physical stress.

Physical Therapy Houston 

Is your body aching from all of your sports-related injuries? If so, we can help. Our Physical Therapy at Health club at Travis place Houston services will get your body back into shape. Not only do we offer physical therapy, but we also provide personal training, as well as a strengthening program. 

Our goal is to give athletes everything their body requires to succeed in their sports category.

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