Ab wheel workout primarily focuses on the development of abs. In addition to that, an ab wheel workout helps in the transformation of triceps, hips, thigh, and shoulders. The ab wheel workout incorporates the performance of different exercises with ab rollers. 

As such, the stress on your muscles starts to build up as you concentrate more on power and mass. Ab wheel workout is important if you are worried about maintaining a healthy core. Good posture over time leads to a healthy life. 



Read on to learn various concepts on ab wheel workout and how you can practice. It may surprise you to learn that gym membership deals are greatly available on ab wheel workouts.

Ab Wheel Workout – Types of Exercises

The ab wheel workout focuses on extension, push up, bending, and activities carried in a single point. Exercises under the ab wheel workout include the following:

Complete Abs Roll Out 

The complete abs rollout session is the toughest of all. It requires more muscle strength and must not be taken up as a first exercise. As a beginner, always try the kneeling position first and then moving on to the complete ab rollout.

All you need to do is place yourself in a pushup position and make sure your knees do not touch the ground. Take ample support from your toes. Here you have to put the rollers under your shoulder. 

Once the rollers are in a firm position, roll them in front of your body. After that, bring it back by moving your hands underneath your chest. Sounds like a tricky one? It takes time and practice to master this technique.

Single-Leg Abs Roll Out

The single-leg abs rollout is a challenging exercise. Only one leg gets occupied and helps to increase your muscle strength more. Stand straight and join your feet with the ab roller in front. Gently bend your waist and get a tight grip on the ab roller.

While you try to find the right position, make sure your back is straight. If you are rolling forward, ensure extending your arms and not missing it. Lift it a little slower and roll backward.

This is a challenging exercise, and best to take the help of a trainer. The health club at Travis place may help you get a trainer.


Single-Arm Abs Roll Out 

It is a deep working out technique. Choose either stand or kneel to the ground. Put the ab roller in front. Try to bend and get a hold of the ab roller to buy one hand. Roll out the roller slowly, keeping your core intact.

This exercise will not only develop your core but help you build the six-pack you were craving for. In addition to that, a single arms workout also helps to build a great posture of your shoulders.

The Kneeling Position 

It is the most common one that falls in the category of the ab wheel workout. Just place your knees on the floor and keep your abs tight while maintaining a strong back position. Make sure your back is firm, upright, and straight. 

Once you are in the right position, start rolling the wheel as far as possible. Your chest must not leave the ground, and your arm should be fully extended


V Abs Roll Out

The exercise uses extreme muscle energy. Kneel to the ground and get a good grip on the handles of your ab rollers. Once you realize your arms are fully extended, roll out to your right side at a 45-degree angle. 

Do not hurry. After that, get back to the starting position. Repeat it on both sides for quite some time. 


Tips for The Perfect Ab Wheel Workout

Texture of The Surface 

While conducting an ab wheel workout, ensure the surface is not slippery, especially if you are a beginner. If the surface is somewhat slippery and you lose balance, there might be some dangerous instances you have never imagined.  

It’s important to ensure the surface under the roller is rough, which will also help you position yourself against the roller and perform well. Ab rollers are already built with good traction. Although, they work better on a non-slippery surface. 

Slippery surfaces include hardwood floors, marble floors, smooth tile flooring, and small rugs. 

Take It Slow 

While you are trying to roll using the ab wheel workout technique, maximize effectiveness by rolling out slowly. The key to gaining a good core, and the perfect ab is control and not momentum.

While you bend yourself forward and then back, your muscles are already engaging. Increased rolling speed makes the workout less effective.

Position of Hip and Back 

In an ab wheel workout, it’s common for people to use the wrong step. As such, the desired results may not happen. 

A good posture will make the exercise easy. Avoid running through the session; instead, take it slow and complete it part by part. With an increased Momentum and a bad posture, all you will gain is a poor outlook.


Realize When the Ab Wheel Workout Is Not Good for You

Ab wheel workout is not meant for everybody. It depends on your body type and the structure that you have gained so far. Secondly, your age is a deciding factor too. On the contrary, freehand exercises can be done by anyone. 

When it comes to ab wheel workout, a plank position is a basic requirement. If you are good at doing a plank, you may find ab wheel workout interesting and doable. People suffering from deformations or minor injuries in the upper body should abstain from conducting any ab wheel workout.

Suppose you fail to get the right position because your posture is not ready to take up a tough exercise like it. It’s best to take the help of a trainer. The health club at Travis place may help find the perfect training partner who will better explain and keep you away from wasting time.


It’s best for beginners to be warned against all the possible hazards that can occur from the ab wheel workout. It’s a roller in your hand and not something under your control. When it comes to ab wheel workout, it’s the roller that controls you.

If you have signs of lower back pain or a history confirming the same, start with small steps. 

Limit your distance as you roll out in front and then back. Try to take the help of a trainer or someone good at it. It will save you from hours of pain later. It’s important to stay healthy and fit, although it does not come in handy.