Physical therapy can be a big help to you on your road to recovery from an injury or if you have a chronic, ongoing problem.

Physical therapists are trained to help people regain mobility and this type of therapy can greatly reduce long-term pain. It’s an ongoing process, but if you seek physical therapy treatment and stick with it, you’ll be impressed by the results. The benefits of physical therapy are immense and long-lasting and are well worth the time and effort on your part.

If your doctor has recommended that you see a physical therapist or if you think you might benefit from seeing one, read on. In this informative post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this type of treatment. 

What Is Physical Therapy?

If you’ve had an injury or experience other types of pain that interfere with your daily tasks and your overall happiness, your doctor may suggest that you seek physical therapy treatment. The goal of this type of treatment is to ease your pain so you can function better throughout the day. 

Physical therapy treatment can reduce the pain that you experience and it can help improve your range of motion and ability to move in general. In the long term, it can help to prevent sports injuries and it can even help patients to avoid costly and invasive surgeries. 

It can also be a big help for people who have suffered from a stroke or accident. If you’ve had surgery on your knee or shoulder, it can aid you in learning how to properly use those joints again without causing further issues. People who need to adapt to an artificial limb or an assistive device like a walker or cane can benefit as well.

Older adults can benefit from physical therapy when they wish to improve their balance to avoid slip and fall accidents as well.

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

A physical therapist is a licensed health professional that performs physical therapy treatment. They study for years to complete their Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and need to sit for a national exam to earn their license. These men and women work hard to help their patients avoid pain and recover from it.

When you visit a physical therapist, he or she will spend some time assessing your condition, even if you are there on a doctor’s referral. Then, a plan will be created to help you with your issues. During visits with your physical therapist, he or she will guide you through exercises to help reduce your pain and to aid you in increasing your mobility.

You’ll have homework, too. Your physical therapist will teach you exercises for you to do at home to continue your progress independently. You’ll visit your physical therapist’s office on a regular basis for further support; the frequency of those visits will depend on your specific issue and needs.

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