Burning calories is the basic parameter of any weight-loss workout. Keeping your calories in check and burning them with a quick workout session works wonders on how your body looks.

Many exercises that burn calories can be done outdoors or at home, but gym equipment and a trainer will be of further help. Availing gym membership deals seems like a good idea in that case. Let’s look into some workout exercises that will get you sweating at a health club.

Gymnasium Exercises

If you choose to avail gym membership deals, you can get a great trainer who can help you get in shape. The following exercises range from moderate to high intensity. You will be able to get a great session with premium health club equipment.

1.    Kettlebell Swings

Each swing incorporating the kettlebell swings requires your body to put in explosive energy. Along with the enormous overall body effort, the exercise requires you to drop your chest and hinge your hips.

An easy way to perform kettlebell swings is as follows.

  •   Place the weight on the floor between your shoulder-width spread legs.
  •   Pick up the weight with your hips hinged and pull it back between your legs.
  •   With a forward drive of your hips and straightening your back, send the weight up to your shoulder height.

You could either work the kettlebell 45 seconds on and 15 seconds of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. Both variations require an overall exercise time of 6 minutes to burn calories effectively. You can expect to be completely drenched in sweat by the end of the workout.

2. Jumping Rope

This is a moderate-intensity workout that is a great cardio exercise to burn calories. It challenges your coordination, balance and works on all your jogging muscle groups.

Follow the following steps to perform a jumping rope.

  •   Grab one handle of the rope in each hand and start with the rope behind you.
  •   Swing the rope upwards while bending your knees slightly.
  •   Jump over the rope as it nears your feet.
  •   After you gain momentum, your knees will do the swinging automatically.
  •   Repeat the swinging and jumping process.

About 120 jumps a minute burns 13 calories in a minute. About 20 minutes of continuous jumping will burn about 70 calories.

3. Battle Ropes

This is an upcoming and newly popular exercise that is proved to be excellent to burn calories. It also increases oxygen consumption of the body, making you feel more energized. It works the core, arms, and back excellently.

While there are many ways to use battle ropes, the following is how to perform battle rope waves.

  •   Hold the ends of the battle rope in each hand at arm’s length.
  •   Your hips and hands should be shoulder-width apart.
  •   Tighten your core and alternately raise and lower each arm explosively.
  •   Repeat the process for about 3 minutes.

A decent battle ropes workout burns about 11 calories per minute.

4. Indoor Rowing

If you avail of gym membership deals, you can get a great workout exercise in the form of indoor rowing. This exercise makes use of all the muscles in your back, legs, and arms to achieve efficient strokes.

A 30-minute vigorous session of indoor rowing can help you burn at least 377 calories. With the help of a trainer, you will be able to achieve a great form that will help in overall fitness.

5. Kettlebell Flow

Kettlebell flow is seamlessly fitting various exercises with a kettlebell in a single chain flow. It requires a great cardiovascular system and strength, and you are pushed to the limit.

An effective kettlebell flow can begin with a gorilla row, move to kettlebell clean and end with kettlebell snatch. A clean flow of the three exercises together form one powerful exercise that can burn about 15 calories a minute.

Indoor Exercises

The following are a few exercises that you can incorporate into your workout routine to burn calories. You can perform them in the comfort of your home as they do not require gym equipment. You can perform them inside for privacy.

6. Burpees

An average 155-pound person burns 12.5 calories if they achieve 20 burpees in a minute. Twenty minutes of non-stop burpees will burn 250 calories of the same person. That is a lot of calories to be burnt.

The following is a way to perform a burpee.

  •   Start in a squat position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your knees should be bent, and back should be straight.
  •   Place your hands on the floor inside your feet and kick your feet backward to achieve a push-up position.
  •   Perform one push up in the perfect form.
  •   Get into a standing position by performing a frog jump.
  •   Jump into the air so that you land where you started.
  •   Get back into the squat position and repeat.

Quick reps will make your lungs and heart work at a high intensity.

7. Tabata Jump Squats

A favorite among athletes, Tabata jump squats, is an intense cardio workout. They put your body into explosive energy while burning serious calories. Here’s how to perform a Tabata jump squat.

  •   Start at the squat position. Get as low as possible.
  •   Explode upwards. Jump as high as you can.
  •   Land back on your feet and get back into the squat position.

Alternate 20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds of rest, and this exercise will burn about 14 calories per minute.

8. Cindy

This workout of the day pairs three powerful exercises to burn maximum calories and build strength. This workout includes 10 push-ups, 5 pull-ups, and 15 air squats. An intensive flow workout for about 20 minutes works for all major muscle groups.

This is an amazing calorie burner as it spikes up your heart rate. You can expect to burn about 13 calories a minute if you perform Cindy intensively.

Outdoor Exercises

If you like nature, you can get in shape by following a few outdoor exercises. By producing explosive energy in your body and performing these exercises, you can burn calories in the freshness of the outside.

9. Sprinting

There is nothing that burns calories than a good running session. Sprinting is a lot like running; instead, you’ll be attacking the ground under your feet to create speed.

By a forward movement of your chest, an aggressive swinging of your arms, and a slamming movement on the ground, you’ll achieve a powerful sprint. 10 90-meter sprints with a minute of rest for each will burn massive amounts of calories within 15 minutes.

10. Hiking

Hiking does not require speed, but elevated terrains require enormous amounts of energy. This helps burn calories effectively. Hiking will also train your hips, ankles, and knees to be resilient and strong. Hiking is also great for building coordination and balance.


It is a common misconception that working out requires you to dedicate a lot of time. This is false since the key to burning calories is getting your heart rate up enough to warm your body. High-intensity interval training works wonderfully.

Great workout exercises will keep you fit, burn calories, and will get you in the shape you want to be in.